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At Arabian Escapes Apartment in dubai downtown for rent

At Arabian Escapes our job really only starts once our client has purchased their property as we are on hand to assist with all and every conceivable detail, requirement and question.
Our after sales service is unparalleled and unmatched in the market in the whole of the UAE.
Our Services:
  • Property Management and Care taking
  • Property Purchase
  • Property Sale
  • Property Rental
  • Financial and Legal assistance services
  • Financial Planning
  • Company set up and management
  • Trust Services
  • Bank account set up
  • Funds and Money transfers and deposits and receipts
  • Mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Visa assistance, holiday and resident
  • Full Maintenance
  • Cleaning and Landscaping services
Buyer Benefits:
  • Provide an easy task and checklist of requirements for any transaction.
  • Provide best advice available when choosing the correct property to purchase.
  • Assist with receipt and arrangement of funds for any transaction.
  • Assist with any special condition that may impede any deal.
  • Coordination with all the relevant government and local departments.
  • Attend and coordinate all requirements for property release procedures.
  • Liaise with lenders to ensure loans are settled promptly.
  • Ability to act as your limited power of attorney (POA).
  • Provide the expertise required to ensure your transfer occurs both promptly and professionally.
  • Full coordination and attendance at your property transfer.
  • Full management and after sales service once purchase has been completed.
  • On hand for life to handle all and any enquires.
Seller Benefits:
  • Detailed breakdown of payments and settlement amounts.
  • Provide early advice of potential issues and propose solutions.
  • Coordination of all your required documentation.
  • Liaise and coordinate both with sellers and buyers lenders.
  • Ensure that the title is free and clear.
  • Ability to act as limited power of attorney (POA).
  • Assistance with the opening of banking facilities for receipt of funds.
  • Provide expertise required to ensure your transfer occurs both promptly and professionally.
  • Arabian Escapes will appoint a dedicated specialist as your own personal point of contact.
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